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Ange’s Latest Book Is Out Now!!!

Read the dazzling new work by Amazon Bestselling author, Ange Alex.

“We are all balls of tangled mess, it is time we embrace that and pull the string. Let ourselves come apart at the seams and let go of  all the things that no longer serve us.  It is time to UNRAVEL.  Are you ready? Let’s pull that string!”    – Ange Alex


What if the secret to finding happiness was not at all what you thought? What if it was the opposite of everything you have been told?

People are always talking about the things they need to “DO” in order to become a better person or to be happy. They need to “DO” this, or the need to “DO” that. In reality they don’t need to “DO” anything. They need to “UNDO” everything.

Best selling Author, Ange Alex, takes you through her journey of coming undone, and the journeys of others, who ultimately found complete peace and total happiness. Embracing yourself completely and total acceptance of who you are is crucial to creating the life you really want.



“This book is a look inside my journey. I have lived through countless unravelings, and after each one, I was better, stronger and more willing to keep breaking free of old thought patterns as well as learn new ways of seeing and doing things. I hope that as you read this, you too can find the strength and courage to unravel.”


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